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There is so much beauty around me, that I find it begs to be painted, written about, and expressed with appreciation. These watercolors are a means of my expression as I remain in awe of that beauty. Enjoy !


BOOKS: The Spirit of Reiki

Reiki is known throughout the world as a the powerful healing art of laying on of hands as well as the more contemporary art of energy medicine. Indeed, it is this and so much more. The symbols of Reiki can be used as a path of consciousness and a means of discovering the highest potential of ourselves as human beings. With The Spirit of Reiki, Carolyn Jackson has written a clear and complete self study guide to using the tool of Reiki to expand healing awareness and realize the potential of the miracle of who we are. $14.95. Purchase at CLICK HERE!.


BOOKS: Tales From The Master

Every soul has a story. These lyrical and enlightening short stories written by Carolyn Jackson tell of lessons we have come to learn and the obstacles we strive to overcome. There is a universality among these stories which can serve to teach us all. We share the same courage and the same aspirations, and what one soul must learn so must we all. $12.95 (Kindle $6.95) Email us for more information.


MUSIC: Innate Foundation: On the Journey

Music like everything, is energy. Listening to a piece of music attunes us to the energy which that music embodies. Lullabies soothe us, Rap music revs us up, the Waltz swirls around us. By listening to each title of Innate Foundation - On the Journey you will attune yourself to the perfection of the attributes of the Infinite.

“On The Journey” – by Carolyn Jackson – Reiki Music, a new Release

Composed by Carolyn Jackson using the symbols of Reiki as notes, measures, cadences, and keys, this music represents the divinity within and allows us to access it. Try each track separately or play the entire album for your own very personal profound experience. To order our Audio CD – The Innate Foundation: On the Journey, please visit one of the following retail outlets: AMAZON.COM ...

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